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What Can Presidents Do About Gas Prices?

Not a damn thing (and Republicans agree!). Even if Obama authorized companies, today, to drill anywhere they wanted to, market forces wouldn’t reflect the price drop (if any ever came) for months. Here’s a problem with democracy: voters expect leaders to change parts of the world over which they have no actual control, or somehow achieve directly contradictory […]

Pat Buchanan Basically Just Writing Fanfiction Now

From his latest column in Human Events: “Diplomacy has failed,” Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., told AIPAC, “Iran is on the verge of becoming nuclear and we cannot afford that.” [. . . .] But to Graham’s point, if we are going to start this war, prudence dictates that we destroy Iran’s ability to fight back. […]

Understanding Our Audience: Why Iran Isn’t Russia

The conservative attempt to contrast Obama’s light (but waxing) condemnation of Iran with Reagan’s (apparently) fierce criticism of the Soviet Union precisely misses the point. Assume, for the sake of argument, that Reagan’s “tear down this wall” speech somehow directly impelled popular and official moves towards freedom in Russia. This point still remains: Iran is […]

Patterns of Revolutionary Change: In Iran, a Reflection of All of Us

It is often said, in historical as well as political circles, that those who do not study the past, are doomed to repeat it. (Un?)like most aphorisms, there’s some truth to this one, in that the great events in human history tend to blend together at the periphery. This is not to say that one […]

Glenn Beck Basically Loses it, on Twitter, Over Iran

Imagine, if you will, a service cleverly calculated to be just unofficial and short-form enough to lure its users into saying whatever they want, whenever they want, without feeling the need to run these thoughts through our now carefully-developed notions of e-mail protocol. Yes, that’s right: you’ve got Twitter. And now, imagine a television host […]

Iran Falling Apart

It’s not going well, but we all knew it would probably end this way. The question is who comes out on top, in the eyes of the world, and what we do about it. Now is the time for American action, and for us to stand with all free peoples against tyranny. If you’re in […]

An Auspicious Day for Iranian Freedom Fighters

As Iranians fight for a meaningful voice in their nation’s future, Britons and Americans, as the heirs of the British legacy, celebrate the 794th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta. To be sure, the Magna Carta did not create anything approximating a modern democracy: it did, however, set the British people on a […]

Keep up on Iran

Unfortunately, bar review courses prevent me from keeping up in the constantly evolving situation in Iran. I’ll direct you instead to Andrew Sullivan’s “Daily Dish,” which currently is giving as close to a minute-by-minute account of the situation as possible. The politics stateside are becoming more complicated. McCain wants immediate, deadly, and serious action: Which […]

Iran’s Election: Not 100% Free, But Not 100% Sham Either

Today, Friday, Iranians went to the polls to elect their president. While early returns are not expected to be available until late Friday night (EDT), many Western observers are predicting a tough re-election bid for Ahmadinejad, some going so far as to say reform candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi can win a first ballot majority, negating […]

Iranian Nobel Peace Prize Winner Terrorized by Government

On December 21, 2008, Iranian police stormed Shirin Ebadi‘s home-office, shutting down her Center for the Defense of Human Rights. On December 29 police confiscated client files and computer hard-drives with the lame justification that the center owes taxes (though Ebadi has never earned income from the Center in 15 years). On January 1, 2009, […]


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