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In Full Defense of This American Life

About a month and a half ago, Ira Glass and the crew of This American Life came upon a story that seemed almost too perfectly designed for the show’s introspective, vaguely counterculture hipster aesthetic: the tale of a die-hard believer in Steve Jobs’ Apple discovering that those hallmarks of the intelligentsia, iPads and iPhones, are made possible only by […]

James O’Keefe is Actually Boring Me Now

Erstwhile pimp, convicted criminal, and abortive ladies’ man James O’Keefe is here to tell you something shocking: an NPR executive does not think much of the tea party. I know, I was shocked too! Granted, calling the tea party movement “scary” and “racist” is a pretty dumb thing to say when speaking in your official […]

The Social Control Compulsion

Ohio’s Wisconsin’s controversial bill, eradicating collective bargaining rights for a whole swath of the working population, has a secret. It also bans gay marriage, for some reason: Sec. 3101.01 of S.B. 5: … A marriage may only be entered into by one man and one woman. Any marriage between persons of the same sex is against […]

Divorcing Fiscal Restraint from Social Conservatism

The GOP hasn’t done it. So far, we’ve seen attempts to defund: Planned Parenthood, National Public Radio, and, the National Endowment for the Arts. Here’s a serious question, to answer an unserious group of legislators: can the Republican Party address budget cuts, without framing it as a culture war issue, and without letting literally insignificant savings on […]

The Necessity of Public Radio

In last week’s Journal, a conservative commentator makes the “free market” case for defunding NPR, not because it’s “liberal” (read: fires bigots for being bigots), but because government funding presents an insurmountable barrier to entry to other, would-be “quality,” for-profit broadcasting providers. Safe to say this guy isn’t getting Carl Kassel’s voice on his home […]

NPR Was Right

To the exact opposite of Huckabee’s point, isn’t there a problem with a government-funded media entity ratifying groundless fears about American citizens, based only on the color of their skin and their dress? It’s a problem that people are afraid to see Muslims on airplanes — a fairly common problem, from my conversations with others […]

Don’t Miss: NPR on Extradition for Rumsfeld

Schadenfreude time.  According to Philipe Sands, international human rights lawyer (interviewed on “Fresh Air”), top Bush administration officials up to and including the Man himself may face criminal penalties upon leaving office.  Being in a Nuclear Five nation didn’t save Mr. Pinochet from extradition to a foreign country (although his failing health ultimately did); why, […]


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