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Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Church?

Continuing the trend of “fighting back against characterizations they’re actually proud of,” the National Review explains why modern, politicized Christian fundamentalism is not an exclusionary worldview to be feared, but a simple attempt to prevent mean-spirited liberals from ejecting Christianity from the marketplace of ideas.”It’s easy to forget,” moans David French, …that just a generation […]

Cultural Leadership

Rick Warren, the halfway-liberal evangelist briefly involved in the President’s inauguration, offers two tweets on cultural leadership, for those who believe the task can (and should) be undertaken: Politics is always downstream from the source of culture. By the time a law is proposed, the water’s already contaminated. If you’re serious about changing culture, start […]

The View from Wall St. & Water

I asked them how long they were going to stick around: apparently, until the current moves them away.

Hurricane Irene: a Cultural Threat to the United States

Thanks, FoxNation!

Internet Culture: Popularity, Conspiracies, and Numbers, Numbers, Numbers

Last week, Conor Friedsdorf of The Atlantic wrote what I thought was a fairly charming vignette, of obviously limited factual value, about how he, along with two girls denied Harry Potter tickets, were the only attendees at the Orange County premiere of Sarah Palin’s comically titled new biopic, The Undefeated. Seriously, she lost in 2008. We […]

The Reinforcing Stereotype

A few years back, an (ex-)girlfriend and I were in line at, I think, the New England Aquarium, when we wound up talking to a couple from Atlanta — my home, and where we’d just come from. My companion was from nearby Philadelphia, so naturally, we two couples were trading stories of things to do, […]

Life Advice

From an unlikely source: “Unless, when that perfect hand comes along, you bet big, and you take the House.”

The Century in Literary Trends

Google’s Book Ngram viewer tracks the relative popularity of English words over the last century. Some that might interest you: Jesus: peak 1930s, trough 1940-60, ascendant. Islam: peak 1975-78, steady increase 1990-2008. Deficit: peak 1989-91, steady decrease since. Reagan: steady modest plateau for his presidency, decrease 1990-98, almost logarthmic exponential gain since 2000. Racism:  climb […]

Was Jeremiah Wright Relevant?

I think, no; but because Sarah Palin’s dredging up this bit of ancient history, in light of recently discovered emails from top journalists hoping to bury the story before it broke, let’s examine. Off the bat, note that it’s not like “liberals” and “media elites” were the only ones who wanted to move past Wright, […]

I’m SO That Guy!

In honor of the closing week of the Public Theater’s Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, I’m renaming the “Populism” tag to “Populism yeah yeah!” Adjust your bookmarks accordingly! New Yorkers, go see this show while you still can! I’m definitely going a second time. I will make them all BLEED. A sample, from the less polished […]


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