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In Full Defense of This American Life

About a month and a half ago, Ira Glass and the crew of This American Life came upon a story that seemed almost too perfectly designed for the show’s introspective, vaguely counterculture hipster aesthetic: the tale of a die-hard believer in Steve Jobs’ Apple discovering that those hallmarks of the intelligentsia, iPads and iPhones, are made possible only by […]

Apple and the World You Love

When Steve Jobs passed away last week, one commentator stuck us with this summary of the impact of the ubiquitous iPod/iPhone/iPad triumvirate: He put white earbuds in the ears of everyone on the planet, and shut us all in to our own little pods of experience. Harsh, but it doesn’t feel entirely wrong. Walking the […]

What Are You Doing With Your iBrick?

I don’t normally cover electronics.  But this is special. Apple released their new iPhones today, along with new iPhone software.  However, since their registration servers are down, not only can new purchasers not use their expensive new phones yet, but if you, like me, tried to update your (now obsolete) iPhone early this morning, you […]


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