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In Defense of Marriage

With apologies for this week’s more relaxed posting schedule. I’ll get back to work sometime soon! Several of my close friends — coincidentally, all extremely intelligent, math/science oriented, and leaders in the freethought/rationality/atheist communities — find themselves practicing and promoting an arrangement they term “polyamory.” Essentially, this describes a post-jealousy, highly rationalized state where participants […]


Defining a Place for the New Atheism

I’m moving to Brooklyn! With no internet. Hence delays.  Andrew Sullivan, with Bryan Appleyard, together question the value of the “new atheism,” which they define as a belief system devoted to the absolute eradication of both religion, and its influence on mankind. Appleyard: By “neo-atheism”, I mean a tripartite belief system founded on the conviction […]

Remembering Mr. Hitchens

It’s an insecure, easily-threatened worldview which feels the need to frame every tragedy its opponents face within its own narrative. But that’s the outpouring we’ve seen from some on the Christian right over the passing of the prominent, relentlessly thoughtful atheist advocate Christopher Hitchens. Most of the acknowledgments take this simple form — “now he […]


Moderates, Atheism, and Mutual Cooling in the Culture Wars

It’s fair to say I have mixed feelings on the atheist movement. On the one hand, more than a few of my closest friends count themselves as leading lights in skeptic circles, and the work they do, pushing back the fog of fundamentalism and bigotry, serves an invaluable counterweight to the type of religious militarism […]

Are Atheists “Too Sensitive”? Let’s Flip the Question

HotAir flags another unsurprisingly short-sighted move by American Atheists: petitioning to change the name of a street — “Seven in Heaven Way,” named for seven local firefighters who died heroically on 9/11 — because it apparently signifies the State’s adoption of the Christian “Heaven” as an official public belief. For once, HotAir is partially right! […]

The Hollow Morals of the Right

We’re repeatedly told by the far, far-right that without religion, and the guidance and incentive structures it offers, there can be no morality, and no hope of a controlled, steady society. We should hope they’re wrong — and, still more, note that the strongest proponents of this theory are also the best counterexamples. By this […]

Need Atheism Offend?

Jesse Galef at “The Friendly Atheist” has a strong, well reasoned and provocative rebuttal to Herb Silverman’s assertion (at The Washington Post) that atheism need not offend. Jesse defines atheism as a statement, one that is either right or wrong, excludes other realities, and therefore has the capacity to offend. He’s quite right about that, […]

Evolution: One-Line Responses

Ray Comfort, the thought leader responsible for such brilliant rejoinders to science as “well how do you explain the banana, hmmm?” — — yes, quite cunning, Ray — prides himself on attempting to rebut, in one line, the entire field of modern evolutionary biology. In his latest trick, he argues that the theory of evolution […]

In re PZ Myers v. The World, and Why Atheists Should Play it Cool

A.K.A., Atheism: You’re Doin’ it Wrong. PZ Myers has decided to take on Catholicism, by calling for atheists to take communion wafers and either deface them, or send them to him for the same. While I agree abstractly with the sentiment animating this quest – in his own words, “IT’S A FRACKIN CRACKER!” – and […]


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