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What’s The Matter With California?

The American Spectator takes a string of California municipal bankruptcies as proof of the dangers of the extravagance of the modern liberal welfare state.  Ben Domenech’s Transom — a subscription-only daily email blast offering a good window into the right’s talking points du jour, analogous to a paid, partisan version of Mike Allen’s daily must-read — echoes the […]


The Populist Case for Tradition

At RedState, that wretched hive of scum and villainy, one poster manages to, between an incomprehensibly wrong argument against the Ninth Circuit’s recent decision on Proposition 8, say something interesting. I recommend you skip over everything but the last two paragraphs, reproduced below: As I’ve written before, democracy, free markets, tradition and the rule of written […]

Toles bush marriage

Victory in California: What to Take from the Ninth Circuit’s Decision

Yesterday gave American progressives two strong pieces of good news: first, Rick Santorum swept a few early primary and caucus states, gaining not so many delegates, but considerable momentum, and therefore guaranteeing that the continuing disaster that is the Republican primary season will drag on for… a while. Second, and more importantly, the Ninth Circuit […]

Ninth Circuit Takes the Path of Least Resistance, or: How the Separation of Powers Saved Gay Rights in California

On appeal from Judge Walker’s lengthy, well-defended decision holding California’s Proposition 8 invalid for unconstitutionally relying exclusively on voter antipathy towards their fellow citizens — seriously, I can’t believe this is a rule we even have to have — the Ninth Circuit punts. Professor Volokh excerpts the relevant parts of the order. In brief, the […]

Looking for a New Plessy v. Ferguson

Perry v. Schwarzenegger, also known as “The Prop 8 Trial,” or the first serious test of the federal case for gay marriage, concluded earlier this week, following pointed pre-closing questions from Judge Walker, effective answers, and closing arguments for which reviews are, preliminarily, positive for the side of Justice. This is enough to make David […]

California’s Prop. 8: Let the Court Battles Begin

If the Mormon Church thought all they had to do was bankroll a ballot initiative banning gay marriage, they were wrong. For the sake of Prop. 8 supporters, the Mormons better still have their checkbooks out. The California Supreme Court has agreed to listen to arguments from both sides of the Prop. 8 battle. The […]


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