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Absolute Certainty Is Scientific

But only because it’s necessary when dealing with a public taught to distrust science, and read scholarly uncertainty as a vulnerability to be exploited for political gain, not for further evidence-based research. For the Wall Street Journal, Dan Botkin argues otherwise, claiming that when climate change activists (or scientists in support of the cause) claim […]

Fox News Acknowledges Global Warming to Extent Necessary to Scare You About Spiders

Fox News (and don’t click if you don’t like spiders): Climate change may give America’s venomous brown recluse spiders a choice: Move to a more northern state or face dramatic losses in range and possible extinction, a new theoretical study suggests. Currently, brown recluse spiders are found in the interior of roughly the southeastern quarter of […]

Why is Climate Change “Liberal”?

Although it’s a fact we’re acquainted with, now, and that’s gained acceptance as a result, start from first principles and try to work it out: Why is fighting climate change a “liberal” position? It makes sense if you take economic, corporate Republicans in isolation. Climate change requires regulation, and austerity measures from corporations, and therefore […]

Climate Change: “Facts are Stubborn Things…”

With the recent rash of climate change “scandals” — none of which actually altered the overwhelming scientific consensus in favor of anthropogenic global warming’s existence — conservatives have been, lately, chipping away at the public perception of this issue’s fierce immediacy. Texas Governor Rick Perry’s attempt to litigate the matter, however — a quixotic quest […]

Error Deflection: a Different Way of Looking at Global Warming

Sometimes, the best way to solve an intellectual problem is to recast the question. One of my law school professors had a favorite: assuming that any decision includes the possibility for error, in which direction do we want to err? After washing the question through this framework, the result isn’t so much a new starting […]

Ugh! Global Warming Seriously Precludes Funny Post Titles, But Read This Anyway

If you follow our Twitter feed (and why on earth wouldn’t you?!), you checked out James Hrynyshyn’s post at his blog The Island of Doubt, where he exposes some of the tricks played by the Cato Institute in its recent open letter to Obama. The Cato Institute is challenging Obama’s focus on climate change as […]


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