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The Hunger Games, and the Shallowness of Conservative Economic Morality

Longtime readers will recall that using science fiction to analyze real-world problems is a favorite subject of mine. Consequentially, when someone attempts the same, and manages to thoroughly botch it, I feel compelled to reply. And Forbes writer what John Tamny does to The Hunger Games is basically a war crime. In his hands, the popular young adult book becomes a warning […]


A New Birth of Freedom

I’ve been thinking about this subject for a while (especially while taking a break from writing over the last few weeks), and as an important one, it seems an altogether fitting topic with which to close 2011. In brief, it’s time for us to reclaim one of the most important words in our political vocabulary. […]

Ours is the cause

The 99% Movement Isn’t (or Shouldn’t Be) About Identity Politics

Earlier this week, Politico ran a header casting insurgent liberal leader Elizabeth Warren as “a well-off voice for the poor,” and musing about how “her financial well-being will likely hand conservatives a new line of attack,” and could potentially hurt her reformist credibility. How? Why? Wealthy advocates for the poor are not exactly a new […]

Investigating the Tea Party’s America: CAP Picks Up Our Lochner Analysis

Earlier this week, drawing on a column that explained the roots of their legal reasoning (such as it is), we analyzed what the tea party actually means when they invoke “economic freedom” and curse Progressive Era-regulations. It’s not a pretty sight. From our post: When Lochner [a Supreme Court decision invalidating workplace safety regulations] died, it died […]

Republicans’ Jenga Game with the Modern Constitution Continues Apace

Thanks, Rachel, for the link! It’s time to put conclusively to bed the myth that conservatives favor a steady-state, precedent-bound legal world, as opposed to them-there “activist” liberals. As proof, take this column from George Will, putatively a movement leader, arguing for the resurrection of a monumentally old and long-since repudiated decision: Lochner v. New […]

The Social Gospel and “Economic Liberty,” Such as It Is

A few Washington Post columnists started a thoroughly unproductive fight about whether the Bible “mandates,” or encourages, a “socialist” form of government. Both sides are wrong, in a few ways. First, both are using the word “socialist” to mean “redistributivist,” but the two are by no means equal. Let’s use the proper definition: though the tea […]


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