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Presumed Constitutionality

Attorney General Holder answered the Fifth Circuit’s odd letter of concern with a statement supporting the notion of judicial review — obviously — but noting that a presumption of constitutionality attaches to acts of Congress, except in rare cases. Conservative sites spin this as surprising, and a pitch to Justice Kennedy. It’s… not. Unless laws […]

The Price of Freedom

Eric Holder, on the briefs in Rumsfeld v. Padilla, 542 U.S. 426 (2004), arguing for a detainee’s right to at least hear the case against him, by means of a writ of habeas corpus, before being thrown in to a legal black hole: [We] recognize that these limitations might impede the investigation of a terrorist […]

Specter of Torture Probe May Provide Cover for Health Care

While others have asked the comparatively tackier question — whether Ted Kennedy’s death itself will push Obama’s health care reforms forward — there’s reason to expect that, leading Democrats notwithstanding, Attorney General Holder’s decision to take the first steps towards prosecuting the perpetrators of torture couldn’t have come at a better time. As Congress left […]

A Perfect World, Stephen Colbert, and the Wimpitude that is the Rest of American Journalism

(How fortunate we are Stephen Colbert is around to accompany us down the rabbit hole. It’s nice not to be alone amidst the sick, sad absurdity of it all.) UPDATE* [8:50 a.m., EDT]: To add a little more clarity, pay attention to what Chuck Todd, NBC News Political Director and Chief White House Correspondent, says […]

Marc Rich Is SO 2000: Eric Holder as Obama’s Attorney General

Torture, warrantless spying, Guantanamo … The next attorney general has a lot to clean up when the Bush frat party vamooses next month. Obama recently named Eric Holder as his nominee for the job. One would think with the beating American civil liberties have sustained, mainstream media would be focused on Holder’s positions on same. […]


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