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The Effective Boycott and “Freedom”

Friend-of-the-site Evan at Truth Wins Out just won a fantastic victory: reacting to a successful petition, spearheaded and originated by his site, Apple pulled from the Apple Store an iPhone “app” by the extremist Christian organization “Exodus International.” The app would have provided, one imagines, a convenient way to dehumanize gay Americans “on the go.” […]

Has the Marketplace of Ideas Failed, or Just the Metaphor?

Andrew Sullivan (through co-bloggers) flags a question that must occur to any witness of the past two years: Justice Holmes said a long time ago that the best test of the truth is its ability to get accepted in the marketplace of ideas. Glenn Beck has gotten very far in the marketplace of ideas. If […]

Regulation & the Search for Truth

Why do we have a First Amendment — and, particularly, the “freedom of speech” (whatever that means)? Because the Amendment is vague, thus permitting (and requiring) judges to consider policy when applying it, different answers to this basic question compel different legal results. If we conclude that the Amendment exists to vindicate freedom for its […]

Advance Democracy

Courtesy Matt Yglesias, we’re told that America is, owing to recent farces of democracy like the “tea party protests,” inherently “ungovernable.” This is an unfairly inflammatory way of stating a basic (and acknowledged) truth: Republicans are better than us at exploiting inherent flaws in democratic theory, to the ruin of all. Democracy demands a degree […]


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