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OWS Needs to Ditch its Student Loan Platform

With an early victory under its belt, and while it continues to capture media attention, it’s time for Occupy Wall Street to narrow its demands, and put a plausible face on the enterprise. The first step is to ditch the unrealistic request for student loan forgiveness. For reasons I can’t fathom, demands for loan forgiveness […]

President Obama’s Origin Story, and the Power of the Personal Narrative

When John McCain’s presidential campaign released the “Celebrity” ad — which attempted to equate candidate Obama with Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, by dint of nothing more than the Senator’s popularity — we knew that the rational, bipartisan John McCain, the one who truly would put “country first” and in some part deserved the presidency, was […]

Market Saturation & Turnout

Despite what was, to outside observers like myself, a “sexy” election, Tuesday’s special congressional election in New York’s 23rd district drew below-average turnout. Why? One thought: While visiting the area, I heard two candidate ads on a local radio station in the space of 15 minutes. Both pushed the limits of decency. I talked to […]

The “Mob Ad”: Persecution Complexes and a Failure in Messaging, with Some Fair Points in Between

Despite its 2008 successes, 2009 has already been a grim year for Democratic messaging. Yesterday’s “Mob Ad,” which made the rounds on conservative websites, drawing outrage, is no exception. Regardless of the ad’s factual merits, discussed below, the ad violates a prime rule of messaging, with no discernable excuse: it seems almost calculated to infuriate […]

To Rebuild a Bipartisan View of Patriotism, GOP Must Follow Where Obama Led

Starting in 2001, self-described patriots like myself were forced to stand by while the far right wing hijacked the flag and the trappings of national pride to defend a belligerent vision of America at odds with her very being. For objecting, we were called pro-terrorist elitists, and a panoply of other awful names. All that […]


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