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The Populist Case for Tradition

At RedState, that wretched hive of scum and villainy, one poster manages to, between an incomprehensibly wrong argument against the Ninth Circuit’s recent decision on Proposition 8, say something interesting. I recommend you skip over everything but the last two paragraphs, reproduced below: As I’ve written before, democracy, free markets, tradition and the rule of written […]

The Only One He Ever Feared

Mitch Daniels is, thus far, the only Republican I see with any shot of unseating President Obama. He’s the only untainted candidate of presidential caliber capable of campaigning on a record of accomplishments, rather than empty, undeliverable promises (cf. the impossibility of attaining deficit neutrality under the GOP’s ridiculous “Pledge”), and the only GOP candidate, […]

The Hollow Morals of the Right

We’re repeatedly told by the far, far-right that without religion, and the guidance and incentive structures it offers, there can be no morality, and no hope of a controlled, steady society. We should hope they’re wrong — and, still more, note that the strongest proponents of this theory are also the best counterexamples. By this […]

Fetal Death, State Power, and the Anti-Choice Movement

To the argument, increasingly common, that the mourned death of a fetus indicates a value in fetal life that the pro-choice movement somehow elides, a simple point. When mothers mourn the loss of a child they sought and desired to bring to term, and when they sue on the basis of the loss of that […]

“In Search of a Christian Nuance”

Now that he’s been elevated to The New York Times, our boy Ross Douthat apparently feels some need to prove himself literary. Good for him! But lately he’s found strange outlets for that instinct — you’ll recall he slammed “Avatar” as insufficiently Christian, or too anti-Christian, or something like that — and now he wonders […]

AEDPA & Troy Davis: The Death Penalty, Actual Innocence, and Federal Deference

There are few political footballs that’ve been kicked around more, and with greater reprecussions, than the writ of habeas corpus. The “great writ,” of course, traces its origin to the Magna Carta — “no free man shall be taken, imprisoned … or any other wise destroyed … but by lawful judgment of his Peers” — […]

Carnival of the Liberals #94: The Ultimate (?) July 4th Edition

Sadly, by “ultimate,” I mean “potentially last.” Leo, our glorious leader, is having trouble finding hosts. And, the Carnival is suffering from the general malaise which has, lately, plagued the middle-tiers of the progressive blogosphere. Although there’ll always be a place for blogs like Kos, ThinkProgress, Wonkette, TPM, Crooks & Liars, etc., a number of […]


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