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The Occupy movement discusses holding a “general strike” on May 1st, 2012 — that is, all Occupy-friendly workers, everywhere, stay home. General strikes have a sordid history, partially plumbed by Salon’s writer, and they’ve played a role in most major modern revolutions, so their ideological provenance is a bit murky. But tying a general strike […]


Do Campaign Ads Work?

Here’s a question Mitt Romney might do well to ask himself. Politicians and scholars alike debate the efficacy of high-dollar ad buys, and the importance of tone (positive or negative?). In fact, it’s a subject we’ve discussed here before, because to date the academy’s reached no resolution on the question of whether negative campaigning is […]


Creative Destruction: the Bain Argument

For a first post back, I’d like to revisit a subject that I missed during my self-imposed exile: Newt Gingrich’s decision to try to flank Mitt Romney from the left as well as the right, but taking a few compelling shots at the latter’s business record. If this is something from which we’ve all moved […]

Glimmers of Intellect from Mitt Romney

It’s intensely interesting that candidates have to play dumb to get votes in the Republican what-passes-for-a-primary-so-far. But read this statement by Mitt Romney, on why he won’t sign a “pro-life pledge”: The pledge also unduly burdens a president’s ability to appoint the most qualified individuals to a broad array of key positions in the federal […]

Keeping Our Symbols Intact: Remember History, Not Spin

With Texas and Virginia set to receive license plates patterned after the Gadsden Flag, in “honor” of the tea party, it’s important to remember: despite the tea parties’ attempt to co-opt this revolutionary icon, the Gadsden Flag is bigger than their petty movement, and stands for something far more important. In our shared history, we […]

Remember, Remember

It’s Guy Fawkes’ Day: when the Britishc commemorate a failed terrorist plot on the Houses of Parliament by burning the would-be perpetrator in effigy. Meanwhile, we relate to our Civil War by putting the flags of the vanquished on our cars, and debating whether their version of history should be taught in public schools. Why […]


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