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Starting from Scratch: How Would a New America Solve the Tax Problem?

The brewing battle between Senator Paul Ryan and President Obama serves as a tragic reminder of just how impossible it is in this country, at least lately, to pass a responsible plan for controlling government costs. Sometimes we are precisely nowhere. I’ve come to the conclusion that the tax dilemma — convincing people that to […]


A New Birth of Freedom

I’ve been thinking about this subject for a while (especially while taking a break from writing over the last few weeks), and as an important one, it seems an altogether fitting topic with which to close 2011. In brief, it’s time for us to reclaim one of the most important words in our political vocabulary. […]

“Class Warfare”

Partisans surprise no-one by framing a “new” minimum tax rate on those making above $1 million as a declaration of “class warfare.” Out of an infinite number of problems with this (admittedly effective) rhetorical trick, let’s focus on a few. First, nothing about a millionaire’s tax bracket is shocking or new. Today’s top marginal tax rates […]

Missing Warren Buffett’s Point

If you use Facebook, or any form of social media, you’ve probably seen it about six-thousand times already. But on the off-chance that you didn’t, hyper-billionaire Warren Buffett took to yesterday’s Times opinion pages to beg America to force the super-rich, like him, to pay their fair share.  Let’s investigate. The way I read it, Mr. Buffett […]

Tax Day: It’s a Privilege to Pay*

Whatever happened to “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”? (@ 4:05) Earlier this year, when (now) Vice President Biden argued that paying higher taxes is, at times, patriotic, the right chuckled with derision. This was unfair, and a true reminder of the narrowness of […]

I Just Can’t Let It Go: The Lameness That Is Republican Tax Plans

Barry Goldwater-esque republicanism requires very low taxes and very small government. Taxes should be collected to provide for national defense and things like roads and that’s about it. Government should stay the hell outta people’s personal business and, especially, outta people’s bedrooms. As a liberal, I have a great deal of respect for Goldwater. I […]


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