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What’s The Matter With California?

The American Spectator takes a string of California municipal bankruptcies as proof of the dangers of the extravagance of the modern liberal welfare state.  Ben Domenech’s Transom — a subscription-only daily email blast offering a good window into the right’s talking points du jour, analogous to a paid, partisan version of Mike Allen’s daily must-read — echoes the […]


Starting from Scratch: How Would a New America Solve the Tax Problem?

The brewing battle between Senator Paul Ryan and President Obama serves as a tragic reminder of just how impossible it is in this country, at least lately, to pass a responsible plan for controlling government costs. Sometimes we are precisely nowhere. I’ve come to the conclusion that the tax dilemma — convincing people that to […]

A swhat?

The Good Guys, and the Excuses We Make For Ignoring Them

Permit me to indulge in a bit of idealism. I spent the close of last night reading Catching Fire, the sequel to The Hunger Games — and I’ll explain. It’s a series of young adult books that, like Harry Potter and Ender’s Game, made the crossover and gained some popularity among the older and wiser set. In […]

Sacrifices & the Deficit

A future-noir style Ridley Scott ad, written to follow the 1986 State of the Union address in which President Reagan called for deficit reduction, even as he expanded it, has finally been getting the attention it deserves: But the focus should be not on the dramatized consequences of deficit spending, or even the general idea […]

The Disaster of Laissez Faire Social Services

In one of the more bizzare stories of the year, we may have the beginnings of a conservative overreach: specifically, Obion County, Tennessee, provides firefighting services by paid subscription only ($75 per year). After the county steadfastly refused to help a “free rider” family when their house burned down, the county expanded its subscription-only services, […]

Federal Government as a Threat to Liberty: But How?

In another attempt to mistakenly grab the mantle of the Founding generation, the better to cloak their anti-federalist intentions, the far right through Ed Morrissey of Hot Air seizes on a CNN poll showing that Americans “believe the federal government’s become so large and powerful that it poses an immediate threat to the rights and […]


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